Predictive Image Engagement.

The prettiest images don’t always drive the most clicks. Neon’s deep learning software knows which images and video thumbnails evoke emotion and drive engagement for specific audiences, devices, and platforms.

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Predictive Analytics

Increase revenue by knowing which images and thumbnails are going to drive emotion and engagement for specific audiences, devices, and platforms before you publish them.

Workflow Automation

Increase your efficiency by automating the imperfect and time-consuming process of selecting which images and video thumbnails will drive engagement for your audiences.

Demographic Optimization

Increase marketing's effectiveness by publishing only the most engaging content for each audience and platform. Target by age, gender, location, device type, and more.

“Not only did Neon for Video take a significant amount of work off our hands, it also improved the clickability of our thumbnails by 30% on average. This is a huge win for us.”

—Jim Hall, VP of Technology, IGN

Scientifically Sexier Images.

Founded on over 10 years of research at Brown University, Carnegie Mellon, and Harvard Medical School, Neon technology combines the science of perception, deep learning, and the world’s largest and most comprehensive dataset of emotional response to images.

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